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A silent disco system consists of a transmitter box, which has inputs for two stereo channel feeds, and sets of wireless headphones to listen to either of the feeds at the touch of a button. The system come supplied in packs of 50 wireless headphones, with a transmitter and spare batteries. The silent disco is the perfect way to add to any event! We can offer 25 headphones at a special price of £100 which would be great for a party at home with friends.

Hire a system of (minimum)
25 headphones at £100 per night
50 headphones at £138 per night
100 headphones at £192 per night
150 headphones at £234 per night
200 headphones at £300 per night
250 headphones at £354 per night
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Leave it to us!
In addition to our self-operation silent disco hire, we can offer a disco with either one or two DJs, disco lighting, special effects such as a smoke machine and even with a sound system (so you can have a normal disco and switch to silent disco later into the evening). If you have two DJs they can play different musical styles – for example one playing oldies and the other playing recent hits to suit mixed ages at a party. With just one DJ, the DJ plays as normal on one channel and can run a continuous mix on the second channel. There’s no set price because each function is arranged to suit your particular requirements, so please contact us for a quotation.

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